Meandering Minglings

Cool View J2.JPG

(Or what happens when you mix Merriam Webster’s word of the day with A Story A Day’s challenge, and pasting the last thing you (don’t remember that you) copied and complete, utter nonsense.

An Invisible Thread

Blame it on the state Mom was in, or the frame of mind brought on by the holiday. (Scrooge could look downright cheerful in this relay race of misery). Either way, Forest ignored the complaints, instead, adjusting the invisible thread tied about at the waist, meant to help with the pail full of water and pebbles. The puppy was going to gain up on them, so Forest had to raise the pails higher.

It was all Forest could do to not toss either pail at the mayor, who had to ramble on and on about the airplane he was going to purchase, if any of the tax payers’ money might remain. The baleful look in those beady little eyes made Forest squirm, wishing more and more that Forest could turn the Mayor into a worm!



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