Day Three, Or….


Day three and I finally crossed the 4-digit word count mark! (and the word count goal of day one, with a few words to spare…1670).

Like a fellow NaNoRhino in our region, I may have ended up with a second ‘First Lines‘ bit…. However, this is the first line of a story(book) within the story, so it isn’t exactly cheating because…. Well, since this project’s still plotless, that’s why!

“I lied, to keep you from dying that day; and that may have been the worst mistake of my life.”

How is your NaNo project progressing?

2 thoughts on “Day Three, Or….

  1. Now THAT would be a captivating first line! I definitely want to know what that’s all about, and it holds lots of promise for a complex plot. Mine’s still in planning stage mostly, but I’ve jotted down a lot of useful things so I drew a word-picture of my story arc and backstory. I should be moving ahead on the more formal story in the next couple days.

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