Who Are You July?


Who Are You?” by The Who is a song I’ve used twice now – first time for Quietus: Quintets Demise and this year’s project.

Jasmine Ulyssa Lewis Yeardley, born on the Fourth of July, is witty, sassy, loyal, a chameleon, and a Jacqueline-of-all-trades.

Many nicknames for the main character of the current mystery:

  • Jazz – by her occasional music writing partner and constant concert-goer
  • Jewel-Eye – by most friends
  • Jules – by her sci-fi book club and steampunk friends
  • Joyce – by her nerdy, literary friend who knows about Ulysses
  • Sparks – by her older friend/big brother/’walking, taller, ‘Yoda,’ Rennie
  • Merriweather – by her friend William Clark (who did take the road trip along the Lewis and Clark trail
  • Ruby – by her jewelry store owner friend, given the penchant for wearing various shades of red

Do any of your characters have nicknames?

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