Back to Camp!


Camp Time!

Yep, gonna try it again – set time aside every day this month to write something. What, you may ask? Oh, that’s the question! It’s a mystery. No, seriously, I haven’t a clue what I’m doing this month – again. The only concrete item is the title – merging the titles of the last two failed Camp NaNo’s.

Luckily, get to have a private cabin again with two of my best writing buddies! Natasha and Winney had a proper midnight kick-off (and what a delight to catch up on the chatter the morning after)!

Me – I squeaked out a few words, a dead body and my main character told me her name! (most maddening thing to go ‘hey, you!’ all the time with these internal discussions!) Can’t quite see Jasmine Ulyssa Lewis Yeardley (July to her friends) yet, but she has quite the fun attitude!

How about you? Going to join in on the fun?

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