In Actuality…


Yvonne and Cole

(Today’s snippet from Murder: Run Time Error is inspired by the One-Minute Writer and the Daily Prompt.)

“Care to explain to me why we’re going twenty blocks for dinner,” Cole asked as they waited for the light to change. “The hotel has-.”

Yvonne took to a sprinter’s start once the white figurine across the way appeared. “I know what the hotel has and it isn’t what I want. You owe me your trust with regards to food. This film festival-.”

He stopped in front of a mom-and-pop Italian restaurant and pretended to read the menu. “What’s wrong with the film festival? There’s a little bit of everything and-.”

Yvonne dragged him by the arm. “And it’s how you define a vacation! Honestly, when you said let’s get out of town, I was hoping it would be for something fun and adventurous! Skiing, rafting, sky diving or zip lining!”

He smiled as they came to a halt at yet another light. “I prefer not to watch my life flash before my eyes, thank you. Von, tell me you haven’t found some ultra-healthy, extremely obscure place where I’m supposed to guess the green food.”

She made a face. “I can think of faster ways to kill you. Shut up and no more complaints until after the full course – deal?”

“Only if it also applies from reel to reel,” he countered.