Complicated Competitions

Amelia and Alven

(Today’s snippet from Call Me, AL is inspired by the One-Minute Writer and the Daily Prompt.)

“We don’t have to make this a competition, you know,” Thomas said, swiping the bill before Amelia could. “Takes all the fun from a day out.”

“Only because you’re such a sore loser,” she said.

“I’d look in a mirror while saying that if I were you.”

Amelia’s fingers curled around the napkin. “And you call yourself a gentleman!”

“Tired’s more like it. Going out to brunch shouldn’t be seen as World War Three against independence or liberation or-.”

She snapped the napkin his direction only for him to lean casually to his left. “Anyone ever call you a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical idiot?”

“Don’t believe I’ve ever been mistaken for Mr. Franklin Hart, no. Sexist? For beating you to the bill four out of six times? Hardily. Egotistical? Because I won’t tell you where I work or what I make? I know I make a difference in what I do. Lying? When have I ever lied to you? Hypo-?”

Amelia did her best imitation of Thomas. “We don’t have to make this a competition, you know.’ Four out of six times with the bill.”

“I would have gone six for six if you didn’t throw your shoe at me the first time or ‘dropped’ my glasses to the floor the second time. Idiot? Yes. I’m a fool madly in love with you.”

Amelia leaned back in the booth. “What was that?”

Thomas shrugged. “I plead the fifth item as being truthful. Why do you think I’ve been leaving flowers for you in your in box all this time like some bumbling sixth-grader?”

She pondered her response. “My grandparents had a garden full of those flowers. How did you know those were my favorite?”

“I won’t reveal my sources. But, I will give you a lift home – with your permission of course.”

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