Longing for Peace

Danny Roberts

Danny Roberts

(Today’s snippet from Quietus: Quintets Demise is inspired by the Daily Prompt and the One-Minute Writer)


Danny was sick and tired of being in the middle. Not that he had any choice in one decision. The other choice removed from him before he found a voice. It wasn’t fair, but he hadn’t the might, to start let alone continue not one but two fights.

One relished chaos, the other fought for peace. And here he was, in the middle, of the two surviving members of his family he saw the least.

He regretted not being able to go to war, but Royce insisted words served better than bullets. He regretted not being able to save any money, but Gail insisted on going from a seat at the bars to a place behind bars.

Was it wrong to want to lose a sibling, while fearing the other one dead? Why, in heaven’s name, couldn’t either use their heads?

Then again, they were, and so was he. So Dale Evan Roberts continued his way to university.

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