Spring Remembered


The Holiday

(Today’s snippet from Sights on the Storm is inspired by the Daily Prompt and the One-Minute Writer)

“Suddenly, I remembered Spring. The time to unwrap the winter drapes and put away the heavy quilts. Not quite warm enough to sleep outside, but easier to forgot a jacket from time to time.” Dorinda kicked at the stones every few steps or so. “I miss the Saturdays sweeping, the Sundays sorting, and the Monday movie matinees when the cleaning was done.”

Edmond picked up a piece of driftwood, swinging it back and forth. “You had a fairy tale setup I’d kill for. Hated the weekend cleanup after the old man’s┬ábinge drinking. Who am I kidding? We did that daily. Movies were our rare escape.”

“Why do we put off what we always enjoy,” Dorinda asked.

He tossed the stick into the water. “Guilt keeps us from finding the secret to happiness? I don’t know. Forget that. Spouses and couples go on dates all the time. Who’s to say siblings can’t have a selfish day?”

Dorinda laughed. To see the devilish grin in her brother’s eyes brightened her day considerably. “Fine. Selfish days they be. When do we start?”

Edmond put his arm about her shoulder. “Now.”