Wednesday Wandering

Elevator Limbo

Made it to a write-in – YAY! Only 700 words while distracted by dinner, weaving in NaNoWordSprint prompts and still no plot. wah.

In short, poor Cole Porter Lipton is in between floors. Or meaningful events. Or… I thought this was going to be a thriller. Still trying to find some sort of plot (or energy to unearth the plot).

What has been learned so far? Cole has a cat named Linus. Don’t know how that came about, but Linus listens as Cole rambles. Or, if Cole were the patient ventriloquist doll, it’s while the puppet-master/writer approaching the block rambles.

See if there is better luck tomorrow.


One thought on “Wednesday Wandering

  1. Everyone I’ve talked to is waffling around their plot this year…Hmm…something in the air perhaps? Just keep writing…Just keep writing…

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