One More Week…


Until NaNoWriMo begins and there are still pieces to the puzzle to find. Good news – I have a genre (thriller). Bad news – no title, yet. Good news – I see my main character. Bad news – I don’t know his name yet.

Am I planning all 50,000 words? No. I’m a pantsing planner. See what stumbles into the soundtrack (with zero songs at this time). Setting – maybe. Sidekicks – maybe.

How about you? Are you ready for NaNoWriMo?

2 thoughts on “One More Week…

  1. I’m more ready to help you lead our region than I am to write my own novel, however I put quite a bit of time in over the weekend reading through last year’s manuscript, so hopefully I’ll have my head fully back in the story in time to start the sequel on the 1st…one way or another!

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