Eminently Qualified


“Of course I can tell you of the Aitutaki Devil – the towering cook of Wyoming Waters,” Tennyson began, with only a well-worn atlas in his hand. For that was the deal, before dessert, the stories shared as they camped in a yurt. Only the lantern light aglow. Where the tale went, who would know?

For even the postcards offered few clues, not that Kai Addison couldn’t fill his shoes. For she knew nearly as many tales as he. Without the children seeing, she whispered, “The sea.”

And so the challenge had been made – to avoid the writer’s block – this wordy blade. Tennyson took up arms, and the following shared:

Amidst the waters blue
In the vast, magnificent view
Towers the column of stone
Under smoke-puffed clouds
Teasing taskers to take time to play.
Amidst the sands – pearly white
Kingdoms don’t come close to such a sight
In the vast, magnificent blue.

Delay the work, for just one day.
Evening’s Full Moon is on its way
Vanquishing practicality, you see
In the vast, magnificent view of blue sea.
Lie in the evergreen palms and white sands.


One thought on “Eminently Qualified

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