Setting Satuday


Fields Creek is that quiet town most folks pass by, unless they are taking a road akin to Route 66 to get to the big cities that matter. Very few fences up, many front doors unlocked and almost every neighbor knows (not necessarily likes) one another. It’s ten miles away from Somerset – a town twice the size and a little more lively, and thirty miles away from Norshore – where Fields Creek’s water flows to.

In Fields Creek, it isn’t unusual for young children to make their way from home to the park via the many wooden paths. After all, Little Red Riding Hood was just a story – no ‘big bad wolf’ would ever be found there to blow a house down. Secret forts were safe to play in; empty barns were explored. Events on Main Street called for all to attend.

After all, nothing bad ever happened here.

Until that 4th of July.


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