Thursday Theme

tumblr_n9333ltC1x1s9gl5mo2_400When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction.
– “An Incident,” Who Is Mark Twain?

Friendship and Family – two important treasures that can fortify the soul, the imagination and add meaningful memories in the heart.

Tennyson Swan is a wanderer, one who ran across the sea. While he says it is to see the world, his sister knows it’s something more.

His homecoming is the only gift she wants, without adding tethers of guilt. So when he admits he’s ‘home to stay,’ his niece and nephews intend to keep it that way. Hence, the gift of the cats.
The boys, Lucas and Nathan, like their choice of cats best: Sergeant Pepper and Major Tom. Little Maddison isn’t sure she can part with her ‘Hoorah,’ aka Lt. Uhura.

With these three cats to share his half of the rented duplex, Tennyson’s landlord – and neighbor – dubs them Don Quixote and the Three Mouse Eaters. Kai Addison hopes the cats keep him grounded.

Who is your character’s anchor in life?

(To be continued)

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