Tuesday Tidbit

One willow over the water wept, and shook the wave as the wind did sigh;

Madison fell into a sitting position next to her mom. Once she situated herself comfortably, she reached up to put one hand on her mother’s shoulder, the other setting Miss Reynolds on her mom’s lap.

Kai looked at her daughter and smiled. “Did Miss Reynolds try taking over the ship again,” she asked.

Madison shook her head. “She told Book to, so she’s stuck at a wait station until the Maluminum Fallen ship comes back.”

Kai sighed. How her husband could keep up with the kids’ morphing sci-fi games was beyond her. Kai could barely keep up with Battlestar Galactica or Doctor Who. “Well, it’s nice of you to keep me company.”

Madison took Miss Reynolds back before crawling into her mother’s lap. “I’m supposed to make you wait until Nathan gets here.”

“Babysit me, you mean,” Kai said, then bit back a smile.

“No. Mommy-sit.” Madison pulled a folded comic book from her sweatshirt pocket. “Will you read to me?”

Kai obliged, remembering the times she and Tennyson would ‘run away’ and read comics by the pond until it was too dark. Today, of course, was a clear day, with rare blue skies and fair fall temperatures.

“You read the same, but different from Uncle Tenny,” Madison said. “Your voices are funny.”

“That’s what happens when we’re around funny children. Our voices have to change to catch up to your running around, your sleeping, your hide and seek and when you want to pretend you can’t hear us. Listen to your father when he reads your bedtime story tonight.”

“Did your dad read you stories,” Madison asked. Kai nodded. “I meant your other dad, the one Lucas is trying to find.”

Kai pulled her daughter close, trying to push the memories far away.