Too Much Tuesday

unlimitedWow, first time I participated in an hour’s worth of Word Sprints! Found 3000 words today instead of crashing in defeat (of energy – plot’s another story).

I learned that of the two siblings, Kai is the fighter – fast in fencing, fearless in karate. Tennyson prefers the swim team and track. Both have a way with wit, whether getting into trouble (with parents/friends) or getting out of it (fights/fiends).

I discovered how the Swans met and how the treadmill in the house is really used. (Actually, does anyone really use a treadmill for what it is for?). I discovered how Kai reacts when someone she depends on is gone, and how Tennyson will tell a story and stick with it, threat of broken ribs not withstanding.

I also learned that, again, I stayed up far later than I should have.

How are you fairing?

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