Sunday Snippet

Robert Shiyi

Robert Shiyi

A big thanks to Quinnleeeee for putting up the Sunday Sprint Challenge!  Did get some major numbers turned in and just stumbled over the 25k mark. What was accomplished? A few scene clarifications, character reassignments and a new discovery of a secondary character who has more of a role than I first realized.

Robert Shiyi knows Kai Addison almost as well as her brother does:

“Some people tell you not to look for ghosts. Others tell you to aim for the heights or the shiny big lights. All I can tell you, Kai Addison Takei Swan is this – whichever way your heart yearns, let logic follow if only for a spell. Not everything is spelled out easily because it may be without words.”

Kai looked at her boss and mentor, Mr. Shiyi, as he refilled the tea cups. She hated how he did that sometimes – present a riddle within something simple, an unasked question within a statement and an answer to something she hadn’t brought to light yet. “So, you’re saying I should go to London?”

“I’m saying I’ll take you to the airport and walk you to the boarding gate myself.” He paused. “Better yet, there’s the company jet.”