One Month Until NaNoWriMo 2014



One month until NaNoWriMo. One month until Quinnleeeee and I lead our region on another marvelous novelling adventure, gathering together, supporting one another in weaving worlds with words.

Time to gather the characters, create the soundtrack and discover where this  year’s story will go before crossing the finish line.

There’s the debate between ‘planners’ and ‘pantsers’ – to outline, or not outline, that is the question. I’m the nerd who says I’m a planning pantser. There’s the general idea of who the characters are by name, appearance (unlike my first NaNo project where half a month went by before they told me their names).

Kaye Dacus has a great article about casting characters. While my monitor does not have photos taped around it (Kit and Kat wouldn’t tolerate such a thing), nor do I have the wall space for a collage, I have computer files labelled and filled with the various projects. I’ve been tempted to begin a Pinterest board, but settle for character pages instead (here’s last year’s crew).

I don’t quite have the setting established in stone (one writer I know uses SimCity to draw out her world), nor do I have all of the back-stories in place (yes, mysteries can be fun).

What I do have is a title, two main characters and three possible threads in place.

Let the fun begin!