lines and logic

LLines lost logic when looking out from within

Anyone could trace

But could they see beyond the space?

Yet for all practical purposes

Reason wasn’t welcomed in the

Intimate way fictional characters were

Not that it could quash the fantastical world within.

The jail was not the loony bin, nor the loony bin the jail.

Heartache & hope connected the dots, a place twixt heaven & hell.


4 thoughts on “Labyrinth

  1. Heartache and hope aptly describe the mixed feelings during NaNoWriMo. So much pressure to get 50K words written while hoping that even a small percentage of the story will be worth salvaging.
    Stopping by for AtoZ
    Gail visiting for AtoZ

  2. M says:

    WoW! 3 or 4 blogs up on the list I found a similar post! I thought I was at the same blog again. Awesome photo. Check out the blog a few numbers below this one on the list.
    Happy A-Z!

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