Ah, Why Not?


Ah, why not double the insanity, when blogging, let’s go for intensity.

No, in all seriousness, this post will be, a bit more focused, introductory.

“A” is for:

  • Atkinson, child of the woods, who would later become Allen, and survive as he could.
  • Amelia, guarded and strong, who would later become Mrs. Right for one whose heart was strong.
  • And then there is Alven, never call him ‘Al’, who would later become much more than a pal.

It Begins…

March 2014 clean 106Aerie

The nest once belonged to the eagles, three

Until the storm took down the strong oak tree.

The mighty nest came to rest on the ledge below.

Perdita Hermione Denke dared to reach for the center

Of the mighty nest now abandoned

Hoping, convinced the new occupants were better.

Never mind her fear of heights,

Never mind the frequent fights,

Never in her mind did she give up her rights

In knowing that dragons flew throughout the night

And swooped into homes as fairies could

Bestowing charms upon the good.

Of the bad, removed the curses they had

And defended the weak from the evil, strong.

No, Perdita Hermione Denke knew the lies about dragons were completely wrong.

In this aerie, about to be born, just as evening gave way to morn

Would be a dragon she could call her own

And so would begin the greatest adventure ever known.


So begins the Camp NaNo April 2014 adventure: Diary of Dreams.


Today’s snippet is brought to you by the letter “A.”