What I See: Escorting in Twilight

Inspired by Charles’ post: From the Vault, Man of Verse or Volume, I found myself drawn to one of my favorite trios. (Yes, three steps back when I’m supposed to plan on going forward – what else is new).


The Smoke-Filled Soul

Gray chokes orange-yellow as raids rip through their serenity

Siblings sworn to protect, attacks deflect, gone – improbability

Repose now lost, pure instability.

Quinton the Quintessential paves the way towards new family

Parents with talents, knowledge of secrets bring sweet harmony

Of balance, new live, and discovery.

Monsters in the mist appear, suns’ rise ‘til twilight, taunt and jest

Cursed memories, longings, and questions about those once thought blest

Now stir up ashes, bring out death, unrest

High hopes these phantoms’ terrors, senseless murders finally crest

While he and the others hiding in view continue to wrest

Control, freedom for all before they rest.


Missing, Gone

Don’t take for granted what you see before you.

Time and Pain can change your view

What you see fit to dismiss and to put down

Will throw you up, undo you

Don’t assume I will stand and repeat your lies.

You, deaf to all of the cries

While those pierced, un-mended, in red rivers drown

While the Lake of Kindness dries

Behind this façade of reason, so-called calm

Urgently applying balm

Laughing, screaming, I’m with ever present frown

How do you hold out your palm?

No mistake, I will die for what I believe-

Others suffering relieve

Within the confines of this idyllic town

Where still more families grieve.

Don’t take for granted what you see this time,

What’s buried beneath grime

Thrown about because many fools want the crown

Claiming justice, this vast crime.

Desmon, too


Call me what you will – your words cannot kill

Love’s boundless cloak of calm, within, without

Even the duality of my being gives you no reason

Alleviating the wounds where the sword will pierce

Voiceless ones now shouting, a loud voice you think your

Ever faithful fools would abide – Curse your soul!

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