Courtesy of Old Design Shop

Courtesy of Old Design Shop

Thankful Favors

Federico Fasano finished setting the fresh flowers on the table just as his friend, Abigail Stearn, let herself in; her son right behind her.

Federico embraced them both, impressed with how quickly the young man had grown. “I will not be surprised if you follow your siblings’ steps and go into service, though I pray you don’t.”

“That makes three of us,” Abigail said, ruffling her son’s hair. “Do you think they’ll come, or is she too proud?”

Federico shrugged. “What do you say, Julian? Does the instructor intend to stay and wait for your magnum opus, or arm herself for yet another battle?”

The boy shook his head, fingers tracing the patterns on the table cloth. “She’s at peace when we meet in the park. I don’t think either of you could scare her away.”

“We’ll find out.” Abigail grabbed a drink from the sidebar. “All’s quiet tonight.”

Federico forced himself to not go to the window, hoping that the lost little family would pass under the streetlamp soon. “Jenny and the children are at a movie. Nonna’s here. Maybe she’ll be able to still his soul. You sure your brother won’t mind the boarder-?”

“Too bad, I own half the rental. If all else fails-.”

Federico waved a hand at her. “Tsk! Hope for the best; pray protection from the worst.”


2 thoughts on “TueSnip

  1. I’m curious about your characters and their story – nice snippet! and i like that last line – hope for the best, pray protection from the worst!

    stopping by from the a to z challenge – looking forward to your posts!

    • tommiaw says:

      Hi Tara,
      Glad you enjoyed the snippet. These particular characters will be featured in the a to z challenge, so may some of your questions be answered. (smile)

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