Saturday Straying…



Charles Yallowitz has a great collection of questions to ponder:

“So, I’ve been thinking and talking about genre.  That led me to this post where I’m going to ask a few questions and answer then.  Other authors or readers can join in the fun within the comments or on their own blog.  Maybe we can turn this into an optional chain post where nobody is tagged.  Totally volunteer, but I’m curious about people’s opinions…”

Great questions, so I figure I’ll dare to ponder/answer them.

1. What made you choose the genre that you write in? If not working within a genre, why did you go that route?

I thought I was going to begin and remain in the world of mysteries, plotting murders and going the way of Agatha Christie. Most of the NaNo projects have been either suspense or literary fiction. Granted, first book printed (as will be the second) consist of poetry. Either way, I tend to travel wherever characters take me.

2. What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of working within a genre?

Strengths: in the way of literary fiction or fantasy – the wondrous world of the characters. Weaknesses: being aware of the ‘rules’ of mystery or fantasy.

3. Do you think genres crossover a lot more often than we realize?

I suppose so. Granted, most of the books I’ve been reading have been biographies and others that fit cleaning in their ‘categories.’ It may help if I read more fiction to be sure.

4. Would you try another genre or are you locked into your area as a specialist? Do you believe this hurts you as an author?

Since I’m comfortable in fantasy, literary fiction and suspense, I don’t see a need now to try another genre. It wouldn’t hurt to challenge myself (going beyond photos and poetry), but it would be a long shot before taking a bold leap into the realms of romance or sphere of science fiction.

5. Would you write within a genre that you don’t like, but is currently popular in order to get your foot in the door of the business?

No – If I can get my foot into the door of agent-sponsored publishing, it would be in a genre I can do well.

One thought on “Saturday Straying…

  1. Great answers. I love that you say ‘rules’ since a lot of them are nothing more than guidelines.

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