Z2H – Day 4: Reader

bowl,three Today’s assignment focused on finding new blogs to read. I am not going to do that – I have far too many to try and keep up with as it is.

So, I spent the day reading the blogs of those who kindly follow me on this NaNo-born blog. (And hope to catch up on the Tumblr-side of things soon.)

  • Sheri J Kennedy is an inspirational photographer and writer. I’m thankful and fortunate to be a part of three creative groups with her: SnoValley Writes!, SnoBoot SketchCats and FreeValley Publishing. She challenges me to go beyond the comfort zone in a variety of mediums.
  • Sarah Cradit creates a wonderful world with her many works (The starting volumes stacked for my reading list for this year). The reviews and awards she has earned are well deserved.
  • Chester Maynes‘ poetry is great to read and a motivator for me to create (and share) more of my own rather than the poems penned in the voices of my characters.
  • Becky Due is a delight to read given the frankness and freshness of the items shared. A few of her books on in my stacks for reading, too. Her tagline says it all: “Author in love with life.”
  • Nanushcka chooses words wisely and the posts are great for both the mind and the soul.
  • Finally, Kevin’s Creative Mysteries are enjoyable and educational in the world of storytelling, with flash fiction perfect for a fast read.

So that’s the summary of the assignment that required no writing. In a way, I can’t help but agree with a post on Anglo Swiss World. How will the other assignments look? Will see.

In the meantime, I probably should get back to writing…

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