Z2H-Day 1 and 2

Kat's in the Bag

Kat’s in the Bag

Belatedly catching up on the Zero-to-Hero challenge (Z2H for short in the post titles).

Day 1’s assignment is “Who are you and why are you  here?” Day 2’s assignment is edit your title and tagline, and flesh them out more in a widget.

Well, the name’s in the blog title – “Tam Borgia’s NaNoWriMo” All right, Tam Borgia is my nom de plume during National Novel Writing Month. Those closest to me know the ‘true’ history behind the name. Otherwise, I can probably have a different story for each person asking.

Why am I here – or rather this blog? It was during a moment of accountability madness of blogging *while* completing NaNo. It also allows me a chance to collect the projects in one location, share character ideas, snippets and rework them over time.

The story summaries are to the side. Hopefully, during this challenge, more will follow.

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