Tuesday Two-Step

Amelia and Alven

Belatedly catching up on my blog reading can pay off. The previous repost, from Kevin Brennan’s ‘What the Hell’ added a nice timed layer to today’s ‘Tuesday Two-Step’ – a.k.a the focus on the 2010 NaNo project, “Call Me, Al.

Two-Step – Part One

Amelia Livingston fends leering looks

With witty lines from the best books.

Except against Mr. Sydney, who is more than he seems.

The odd one who always mixes teas with some cream.

Then again, it could have been chance

That led these two readers in the coffee-shop dance.

Yet to say ‘yes,’ that answer is ‘no.’

Since the last dolt of ‘husband’ was given the heave-ho.

Amelia Livingston knew full well

Her, ever remarry? Not a snowball’s chance in – swell!

A prized book gone, just her luck,

To quote her eldest, ‘this day would suck!’

At the coffee shop the next day,

When her mood, like the sky, was an awful gray.

Amelia saw the same book at her spot

And wondered, did she goof, maybe forgot?

Glancing towards the usual place,

She saw Mr. Sydney with a slight smile on his face.

No, of Thomas Alven Sydney – she can’t get enough,

Especially when he knows how to call her bluff.

She recognizes his ‘new’, well-worn tome,

Curious about his library at home.

No, she won’t flirt, to that, logic says yes.

Where she – or they – would end up, would be anyone’s guess.

One thought on “Tuesday Two-Step

  1. […] Amelia, guarded and strong, who would later become Mrs. Right for one whose heart was strong. […]

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