Slight Update

IMG_2266It is amazing what happens when one pulls all of the random, free-floating, misplaced, scattered writings of the week together to cut/paste into the file called ‘to be counted.’

My word count is/was much higher than I realized once the various docs were put together. Granted, not all of them are directly related to my current NaNo (some ‘minor’ detours to previous projects, one finally completed project, were some of the digressions). Do I see this as ‘cheating?’ No. The goal of NaNo is writing. And while the cobbled mess is not 100% “The Pied Piper of the Pier”, (I’d say it was roughly 95.5%) ┬ámy mind has spun many mps a millisecond seeing/discovering how minute details have sprung ideas into different directions.

Don’t get me wrong: Donovan Terrell Stillman is the one Paul Emerson Griffith still has to face (once he finds him -unless Donovan finds him first). Paxton’s journey may prove beneficial if not deadly. Danise will not let her fiance off the hook. And Aunt May Ellen will be a lifeline for Paul when he needs her most.

Did this erratic writing hit me last year. Not exactly. Is there a chance to tighten the focus to the final finish by the 30th? Hopefully. (Probably/Maybe)

In the meantime, it was grand fun to be with fellow writers this past weekend for the overnight; fun to see our region pass the 1,000,000 word count.