Sunrise by Si

Sunrise by Si

Granted, couldn’t find a photo that fits the idea of “High Noon,” but hard to believe 15 days have passed for this current level of fun!

Our region had its traditional “Writing on the Road” event at the Fall City Roadhouse and Inn. We wrote, word-warred and worked our way through five hours of fun, fueled by someĀ fantastic food andĀ superb service!

Finding ways to fit elements of film noir proved to be an exercise in creativity. Attempting to sprint to the finish of a word war when desserts are delivered proved daunting, and encouraging/supporting/sharing the fun of the current NaNo projects propelled the night.

A few of us stayed the night (doubt anyone slept before midnight), added to word counts, and reconvened in the morning for a breakfast to begin the rest of the day’s mischief, plans, wandering, writing.

Hard to believe one two weeks remain.

How are you holding up at the mid-point?