How Devilish is Your Villian?

Donovan Stillman

Donovan Stillman

All right, so the one behind the disappearances is known – the question is how will he be found and can he be stopped?

What can I say – sometimes the old-style storytelling of Columbo or Quincy Adams M.D. comes to mind.

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to read Kevin’s Creative Mysteries post about antagonists.

How would I describe Donovan Stillman, one of the owners of the Still Waters Charter Company? When he first appeared in another piece I wrote years ago, he blended in perfectly, in another profession, with no indications that he was capable of doing the deeds he had done. A few stories later, and he emerged darker than I first envisioned.

Not that Donovan is the sort to participate in a home invasion or something on a more violent scale. There’s hints of Stanton Parish in him, in that his goal is in creating a better world. Does that make Donovan a Missionary Sociopath? Or does his indifference at this stage simply define him as a Cold-Blooded Killer? Then again, maybe he was a Wrong-Turn Guy who only found ways to justify his actions that others will simply not understand.

One benefit with my recent visit to my friend’s place near San Francisco was fleshing out new and interesting details of this version of Stillman, little things that others dismiss, that taunt Paul Griffith’s obsession.

While tomorrow only marks the halfway point of NaNoWriMo (and sadly, not exactly at the halfway mark of the target word count), the missing/dead body count continues as the clues continue to confound and tease.

What about your antagonists?