How to Control Your Reader’s Mind

Writing Tips from Creative Writing Institute

The Three Magical Methods

by Deborah Owen

Have you felt your heart pound with fear during horror movies? Have you throbbed with passion during a love scene? Were you nervous when the slasher was about to knife a woman in the shower? That’s because the writer of the book or movie was controlling you. You can control your readers like that, too. You can control their heartbeat, and even the speed at which they read.

You may ask why you would want to control their reading speed. The answer is that fast scenes pull the reader into the action, but unending fast scenes exhilarate the reader’s emotions and tire them. The reader has a need for slow scenes to rest them mentally and emotionally. During the slow scenes they will reassess the anxiety of the previous scene and reflect back on the theme.

Let’s look at some samples of how…

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They’re finally starting to talk to me

The voices in my head

Well, here we are, 21,000 words in, and the characters are finally starting to relax and talk to me a little. One main character has suggested gently that she’s lonely and could do with some company, preferably male. I’m starting to understand their characters a little, and the story is starting to flow a little more.

It’s still hard work, don’t get me wrong. I’m still nothing like happy with what’s going on. But it’s a first draft. I don’t need it to be perfect. I just need it to be written, so I can take an objective look at what I’ve got and start pulling it apart and doing it better.

I did a lot of planning. Probably not enough, but I could plan forever and never actually get anything written. This way at least I’ve got something to work on, and the more I work on it, the…

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Monday Melody-Pre “Writing on the Road!” Edition

I like the film “Mulan.” I like this parody, too!
A call to all NaNoRhinos of the Snoqualmie Valley Region – “Writing on the Road!” is coming up this Friday, the 15th at the Fall City Roadhouse. We’ve the upstairs for night-time word-knitting from 6pm to 10pm. Those wishing to overnight, contact me or Quinnleeeee.