Turning Tuesday

Aunt May Ellen

Aunt May Ellen

Today’s tidbit: Paul felt his aunt’s weathered fingers press something into his hand under the table. Glancing past her and towards his cousins, her expression was hard to read. The news he heard was harder to take.

Well, Aunt May Ellen just introduced herself. The successful entrepreneur isn’t like her siblings or her parents. Often a refuge for Paul, she admits to him her regrets of not having stolen him away from her sibling when she had the chance.

May Ellen’s worked hard for what she has and doesn’t mind helping  others if she can (so long as they don’t become ‘takers’ who do little more than complain).

In looking at the fun MBTI/Star Wars chart Kaye Dacus shared today, May Ellen is more like Qui-Gon Jinn. Her favorite nephew, Paul, is more like Bail Organa.

Who are your characters? How would you define them via the chart? Do they believe in their horoscopes for the day or prefer something else to read?