Saturday Stats

The first day proper didn’t turn out too badly. Aside from a minor detour towards other artistic play (stamp making, song writing, photography and a few other things that don’t lend well to a full word count), discovered a few things more about my characters.

A better part of the day (and a source of my word count I plan on using) involves a former/failed Script Frenzy project-turned-fantasy triology-Camp NaNo project twice over and now source of the Art House Co-op/Sketchbook Fiction Project. I’ve a definite deadline – the 14th/15th of November for this to be postmarked – all 32 (or more or less) pages of the story set before the one I had told/revising/setting aside.

But rather than go there, allow me to share the first line of the current work:

“Paul Emerson Griffith stared out the dining room window, at the leaves raining down, waiting for the perfect pause to puncture the various parental platitudes that had already killed his palate.”

How about you? How does your story begin?