Time for the Nine…



The great thing about writing groups would have to be the workshops that get the creative juices flowing. HeroProtagonist, the fearless leader of SnoValley Writes! led a wonderful outlining workshop as we prepare to for NaNoWriMo.

The evening ended with a 9-part assignment, so being the frivolous one that I am (and in case you’re wondering if I remembered how to create an original blog post), I thought I’d share a part of the assignment each day leading up to the end of the month.

Part 1 – What distinguishes your protagonist from other characters? What central strength does your protagonist have and how does that get them into trouble?

Paul Emerson Griffith may be the youngest of the cousins on either side of the family, but he knows more about the world around him than they do – and he’s never left Seattle. Unlike his athletic, brawny male cousins on the Griffith side, and quieter than the strong-willed, sure-of-voice women on the Emerson side, Paul is unapologetic about the choices he’s made with his life (to the distain of his parents).

Movie-buff, meandering musician who edits manuscripts and grades history essays at a secondary school in the ‘worst part of town,’  Paul’s gifts of observation can be a mixed blessing, depending on who is listening to his latest story or song. Rather than go on the dates arranged by well-meaning relatives and behaving like a ‘proper man his age,’ Paul’s evening trips to the corner by the market allow him his wish of remaining a wandering wallflower.

He gets to know some of the teens and near-teens of the area and forms many ‘familiar-stranger’ relationships with them, helping them out any way he can. When he no longer sees some of the familar teens, it’s a challenge for Paul to convince those around him that something is wrong, as if they were led away by a pied piper on the pier.


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