What Do You Look For in Fictional Sibilings?

It just occurred to me that Paul doesn’t have any siblings. This may be the first NaNo where  my main character is an only child. Didn’t see that one coming (all right, those of you sighing and thinking ‘that’s not good’, but we’re still in pre-NaNo  stage, so anything can happen).

I’ve enjoyed most shows that have a family dynamic versus the 2-dimensional stereotypes. I’ll admit I enjoy Supernatural (credit goes to SnoValley Hobbit for this introduction) and can relate to Dean (it’s an older sibling thing).

What about the shows and movies you watch; the books you read; the stories you write – what do you enjoy and what is the dynamic of siblings and/or family in general?

Legends of Windemere

I’m sure I’ll get mocked for liking this show, but it has two things I really like.  Supernatural lore from various cultures (they had a fucking Wendigo and a Rugaru) and great characters.  I got into the series by accident when a friend bought the first few boxsets and lent them to me because I was looking for something to watch.  I returned them soon after because I ordered my own.  One of the big reasons is because of the dynamic of Sam and Dean.

The story is basic.  Sam and Dean Winchester are brothers who grew up with a monster hunting father.  He took them into this lifestyle after their mother was killed by a demon and he learned what was really out there.  Season 1 is them looking for their missing father after Sam tried to leave that life behind by going to college.  Blah blah blah, read…

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