Scrivener and the Brain

In case anyone’s debating about Scrivner – a must read!

S.K. Nicholls


I am very dual brained.  The left side of my brain is the scientist in me that became a nurse and the right side of my brain is the artist that became a writer.  Scrivener appeals to both sides of my brain and I will tell you how.

Over the past four weeks, I have taken a course in how to use Scrivener, a writing tool software that opens a world of creative possibilities, and will help me organize my writing process.

I have learned many practical uses for Scrivener, but the basics in how the software works are profound.  Here are the highlights:
scrivenercorkboard and editor openedI have learned about its many features in the Binder, the Editor and the Inspector.

  1. The binder (left) works as an organizer, keeping all of my manuscript folders, text files, online searches, research, pics, and such in one place where I can interchange and move them…

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