Dorinda Russell

Dorinda Russell


Dorinda grabbed her coat off her chair and bolted for the door. Edward stepped in front of her, her keys in hand. ”What do you think you’re doing? You can’t just start digging around in someone’s life and expect to get the proof trouble-free.”

“Why not? I just needed a little bit of encouragement. And that was just what I received! Did you see how he reacted to that campaign ad? She has to be the one~! She’s the Tempest I’m looking for.”

“Senator Lovett elicits that kind of response from any normal person. You didn’t read her political pieces in the paper, did you? Talk about archaic and asinine. Oh, and she has a great personality, a la Atilla the Hun, when it comes to payback.” He stood his ground, aware that the best he could do was try to minimize the impending damage.

*Alas, just barely crossed the finish line with a few ’10K madness’ writing sessions (NEVER AGAIN!) Now to put this story aside, let it set a spell, and stare, shred, revise one of the earlier projects.


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