Little Things

Shell of Shadows' SoulsInspired by today’s Daily Prompt, “Describe a little thing — one of the things you love that defines your world but is often overlooked,” here is a snippet from “Escorting in Twilight.”

Alle Yomin took something out of his inner-shirt pocket, it’s ‘twin’ secured wherever his wife kept hers – most likely in the wooden box tucked behind the loose stone of the fireplace. Inside was a collage of tchotchke that symbolized the many lost souls found, some lost again. There was the bit of mud Alle scrapped from a child’s knee when she first arrived; a blade of grass that surrounded a struggling seedling in the small hands of a healer as well. There were intertwining swirls made of the many strands of hairs of children. And then there were tiny crystals from the sands by the shores he and Ella walked along. Many of those coastal paths were gone, along with the civilizations that built them, only to be buried by them.

Alle ran his long, bony fingers over it, yearning for the current conflicts to end, if only to give hope of life to the living.

Some nights, as the winds howled and his heart ached, the near-ageless one placed the shell against his ear and listen to the stories, songs, soft prayers or whatever soothed his soul. When the winds died down, along with the setting moons, and his eyes watered up, Alle remained strong in keeping the dam from breaking. “May the spirits be with you,” he whispered before returning the unbreakable shell to its proper place.


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