Atkinson’s krov-cousin, the young man wise (and perhaps older) than his years has never forgotten the one who left in the middle of the night. What Voba tried to prevent started before that fateful night, an event that led an abandoned baby to Schilon’s doorstep.

Wellone is gifted in more ways than most in the village. His connection to Allen so far away helps the young man become healer, tending to everyone in the village and beyond. When the opportunity arises for the caretaker/protector to be tended to, Wellone claims the roll quickly and decisively.

What he hasn’t gleamed from Allen’s formal learning is innate to him, giving him insight into Desmon’s true destiny, among other things.



With each step taken, the mind awakens

To the possibilities of this world and the next

Untangling those things that others find perplexed.

With eyes of brown, he sees all of town-

To the place where the stolen were sold.

Undeterred to have the truth be told.

A jovial dance becomes a lullaby

Until the time comes for a decision of goodbye

With the steps towards sleep, of rest so deep.