a-to-z-letters-v┬áVoba , sees and hears more than others realize – fluent in most languages of the travelers, peddlers, tradesfolk and the like; a ‘magician of the mundane’. As innkeeper, his hospitality goes beyond those who stay within his dwelling – a place he build alone, with the scars on his hands to show it. He provides and protects, goads and guides.

What happened to Atkinson didn’t prevent the tragedy that increased threefold. Yet Voba’s ‘claim’ to the prodigal son is one he will not release without a(nother) fight.


Take my kin; spill your blood

Bones will break; I give my word.

’tis easier to push you hard

Than drag you cross the yard –

Of what life has in store

Once you’ve stepped outside my door.

Yet come on in, have your fill and rest.

By Quinton’s strength,

I’ll keep your faith abreast.