Allen’s Alterego

Atkinson/Allen Yomin

The majority of Allen’s life has been  spent with Alle and Ella Yomin – two near-ageless ones who brought him in from the darkness and protected him from those who’d rather see him dead – if they knew who he was.

Never forgetting that he is, was and always will be Atkinson, Allen discovers he has the potential to carry on the actions of all of his parents – in the precarious bringing together of conflicting cultures.

Avid reader, learner of tongues and a multitude of other subjects, Allen finds balance with his two closest friends – Jalem and Desmon.

How will he let the bonds of family and friendship intertwine with what he has to do?



Landing Under Water,

 I See Roots

by Annie Finch
All the things we hide in water
hoping we won't see them go—
(forests growing under water
press against the ones we know)—

and they might have gone on growing
and they might now breathe above
everything I speak of sowing
(everything I try to love).