Jalem’s Journey



Jalem Pierce’s jovial, open-minded view of life around her gives a notion of naivety to those who presume to protect her.

However, her eyes see more than she lets on, making her an outstanding orator and dynamic debater with a soft voice.

She has the soul of a near-ageless one, even though she does not such background in her family history. Her empathy empowers her protection of those she loves, willing to die for that freedom. Her confidence to defy the magistrates at times does not come with parental blessing or encouragement like the supports Desmon and Allen have; she does not wish for that.

What Jalem does wish for is a future for her students and a chance to maybe grow old with her two dearest friends.



People in the Wind  
by Margot Farrington
Inside the wood stove the smith steadies,
proclaims his alliance with flame as
heat quickens his hammer. And the singer, at first
inaudible, fashions her rising song from seasons
stored within logs of seasoned cherry, birch.

I have delighted in their concert
winter days and nights, rapt before
doors framed in brass, their
glass etched with twin wreaths. Circles
that focused wonders I am about to mention:
livid saints and salamanders,
paraphernalia of magicians
performing—with blue fluidity—
their act without their masters.

 And always before curtain, the casket
split asunder, the thief’s hand passing over 
unattainable gems.

But now there are people in the wind;
the chimney sucks them down. I hear the
singer inhale a choir; voice of thousands.
A purity of anguish to leave the listener
breathless. The notes, the notes are inferno;
the smith beats out a knell.
Those ashes I spill tomorrow
upon freshly fallen snow
have already blown for days across the city.