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Textploits of the Writerly Persuasion

This is my second year in the NaNo World of Awesomeness. The challenge is to write 50,000 words in 30 days. With everyone’s already busy lives, it’s a testament of creative perseverance when NaNoWriMo’s been going strong for over eleven years now. Short for National Novel Writing Month, the annual collective writing phenomenon held in November has gone global–for now. I think we should get those peeps up at the Space Station to do some writing. You know, if they’re not busy doing other astronaut-type things this April, but I digress.

Last year, Script Frenzy (RIP) a much loved sibling to the elder NaNo gave me the opportunity to write an Alternate History Thriller Screenplay. Considering I’d never tried the format before, it was interesting. We went to Hawaii, at the time, and I remember using Celtx on my iPhone during in-flight turbulence, just so I could get the…

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Setting the Scene

Castle by Jacqueline Fedyk

Castle by Jacqueline Fedyk

Camp NaNo begins in less than a week. Scrivner set pieces are almost done. The notebook’s at the ready and the cast of characters in the wings ready to tell their story.

Will the story begin within the rooms of the Learning Hall above?

Or on the paths of the woods below?

The Trail

The Trail

The Joy of Dancing

Enjoyable song, punctuated by graceful dancing by Alan Rickman.

While I’ve ‘casted’ Alan in only one NaNo listed (Call Me, Al), he was an inspiration to another character created for a fantasy series (from a failed script frenzy project).

In both stories, Thomas Alven Sydney and Allen (Atkinson) Yomin love to dance. Dance is/was how Thomas Alven courted Amelia Livingston; dance is  how Atkinson holds on to who he is.