Four at the Door (Rain Challenge)

From “Extended Exposure.”

Stuart rolled up to the patio door where the flickering light bulb outside added its own effects to the raindrops falling and bouncing up from the wooden surface. The swirling leaves were the only things moving in time to the storm’s swings while four wide-eyed fur balls looked in.

“She’s going to kill you,” he told Jared. The young man pretended to clean his glasses as he pondered his options.

“I didn’t think they were still out there,” Jared confessed, not that he meant to forget Fig, Isaac, Juice and Wayne, whom he swore he left secured in the back rooms. “I bring them in, Aunt Darcy’s going to know when she comes by tomorrow, and you know how she gets.”

Stuart studied his fingernails; the rain sounding like bullets on the rooftop now. “Guess the question comes down to Rita’s interpretation of ‘til death do us part,’ doesn’t it? When you’re wearing your suit, will you be standing up or lying down?”

Between the jumping up and down of the cats and the drumming of raindrops on the roof overhead, Jared relented, opening the patio door where the two cats and two dogs raced by him, shaking excess water everywhere along the way. “Sure we can’t have dinner at your place,” he asked Stuart.

“It’ll be a tight fit, boy. No other animals allowed, not unless you want to be in the dog house or start building me an ark,” Stuart said dryly.


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